Monday, July 20

Welcome to my kitchen

About me:
I love to cook and create new things in my kitchen. I enjoy eating good food as well as making it. I try to be frugal, however, I do tend to splurge on some items now and again to try new things. Desserts are my downfall - I love making them. As there are just two of us eating currently, we do eat leftovers (or as we like to call them - planned-overs) quite frequently, or we use them for lunches. I try to be good about not wasting food, but I err on the side of caution when it comes to food I'm not sure about.

Currently I'm living in an apartment with a tiny kitchen, but that does not stop me from making lots of food (I may just have a few more mishaps - like melting a bowl on the stove...) I have been married for 3 and 1/2 years. My husband and I just had a baby boy in March, and he is the joy of our lives.

With the exception of this first week or so, I will try to post with the following schedule:
Monday - Meals for the week past
Each Monday I plan to post the meals we ate during the past week. Why the past week and not for the coming week like most blogs? I don't always stick to my 'planned' menus. Thus if I post what we actually ate, I know that it won't change with my whims (I assume some other people also have those days when they really do not want to eat what is planned for that day).
Wednesday - Recipes for the week, each recipe will be in a separate post so the number of posts each Wednesday will vary.
I will try to post pictures of the recipes, but that will depend on how busy I am with my life in general. The first few recipes will not have pictures until I make them again, mainly because I just started this blog and didn't take pictures of those.
Friday - Random post about cooking, mishaps in the kitchen, other hobbies, Motherhood, etc.
These can include shortcuts, substitutions, my obsession with boardgames or birdwatching, or just random ramblings.

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