Monday, August 10

Changing my blog site

I realized last Thursday that my site name for FoodieCrystal was not really what I wanted my blog to portray. I am not a "Foodie" in the strict sense of the word as it is used today. I do love good food, but not all the recipes I'm going to post will be Foodie type recipes. I also want my site to feel like coming home and having a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. I want it to be more of a discussion between you and me. So I decided to make my site a little more cozy. Please join me at
I have imported all recipes that have pictures with them to that site as well (and will add the rest when I have pictures of them). I am also making a few changes that you'll have to head over there to discover! Thank you for reading this blog thus far, I hope that you will join me in my cozy kitchen.

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